Food and Agriculture Organization

Agenda: Biotechnology in agricultural development

Members: 49
Working language: English
President: Simon Vogel
Vice-President: Andrey Grechishnikov (MGIMO)
Expert: Artem Shinkevich, 3rd year, International relations.

Distinguished delegates,

It is my absolute honor and pleasure to welcome you to the Food and Agriculture Organization’s committee at the 2017 CMIMUN conference!

Technological innovation is at the heart of humanity’s progress from the Stone Age until today and agriculture has always been its key driver. Any innovative process regarding biotechnology will come with social or economic trade-offs, and as such, we task you with the development of an action plan to improve on ways to combat the plethora of challenges that come with the development and implementation of these new technologies.

The 21st century needs sustainable solutions to these challenges and I look forward to listening to the smart and creative ways in which you will undoubtedly manage to tackle these questions at this year’s conference!

FAO President,
Simon Vogel

Honorable delegates!

I’m glad to welcome you at Food and Agriculture Organization committee – one of twelve committees of the MIMUN, the one that deals with issues that concern hunger and food quality.

This year our agenda is biotechnology in agricultural development. This matter has always induced a lot of questions – whether we should adhere to natural means of food production or introduce scientific methods which alter agricultural produce on cellular or molecular levels, what ratio should be kept between the two, how can new ways of getting food change our society and, maybe, us. Thus I expect a week of great debates and hope that you will have as much pleasure working in this committee as delegates as I’ll have as the vice-president.

I advise you to study the expert’s report as well as general history and structure of the organization thoroughly – it will help you a lot when you’ll have to pass the interview, and after you become an approved delegate – try your best to compose greatest position of all times and astonish everyone during the MUN with breathtaking presentation. Best of luck to you all!

FAO Vice-president,
Andrey Grechishnikov

Dear delegates!

It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you on Moscow International Model United Nations’ FAO committee as its expert!

What does FAO actually do? Well, lots of things: it feeds the people and helps the poor by providing means for sustainable agricultural development, strives for rational utilization of natural resources, takes care of ecology and much more!

The topic at hand is Biotechnology – an exciting yet rather controversial subject that makes people question the conventional norms of morality and even reality, to say the least! GM crops, bacterial meats, vat-grown porkchops and much more awaits you during the sessions of FAO committee on MIMUN 2017! So get your plasmids ready and apply now for the world of scientific wonder and/or nightmare!

FAO Expert,
Artem Shinkevich