Writing the essay

Honorable future delegates of Churkin Moscow International Model UN 2018!

Writing the essay is an important step in the preparation and a good chance of demonstrating your personal abilities, as well as your serious and responsible approach.

The essay on the agenda must be composed in compliance with the rules of writing: that will facilitate both the preparation and the subsequent check of the essay.

1. Preparation. Before writing the essay, you should first of all examine the key documents of the UN, and, above all, the UN Charter. Apart from that, it is necessary to acquaint yourself with other materials for preparation. We highly recommend that you pay particular attention to the UN official website (www.un.org), where one can find a lot of useful information on various agendas.

2. Language. The essay must be written in the working language of the committee that you have chosen at C-MIMUN 2018. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other rules of English language must be followed.

3. Word count. The word count of the essay should lie within 500–800 words.

4. Content. The content of the essay is constituted by your vision of the issue on the committee’s agenda: the current state of affairs on the agenda should be characterized in brief, and possibly the most complete description of the ways of solving the issues should be given. The content of the essay should not be confined to a single country, or a region; it should reflect the existing reality in the international community as a whole instead. It is also necessary that you give your vision of the methods and UN mechanisms to be applied for solving the problem on the agenda.

5. Format. The essay should encompass the main points of your vision of the problem with their further elaboration.

6. Self-sufficiency. The essay is your personal vision of the issue, formed as a result of collecting and analyzing various sources of information. All essays will be checked on the subject of plagiarism!

We recommend you to be especially thorough in choosing the country. If you would like to represent the country which appears the most interesting to you, you should get a move on, as other potential delegates may aspire to it as well.

Wish you creative activity, success and good mood!

Best regards,
Expert of the Economic and Social Council