Guidelines for an essay (ECOSOC)

Honourable future delegates of the United Nations Economic and Social Council,

On behalf of the Secretariat of MIMUN 2017, we would like to thank you for taking keen interest in the forthcoming conference and our authoritative committee in particular. Basically, we would like to familiarize you with the basic requirements for the position essay (300-500 words), which is one of the main stages in your preparation for MIMUN 2017.

  • Examine the Expert’s Report (including the reference list);
  • Decide if you concentrate on the particular aspect of the agenda or reflect your view on successful delivering of special economic, humanitarian and disaster relief assistance in general;
  • After acquainting yourself with the data, search again for the background information on the problem which notably includes:
  • What historically created the issue;
  • Why the issue is important;
  • What previous actions have been taken on the issue;
  • What the weaknesses are in previous actions and/or opposing positions; and
  • What problems continue to exist.
  • State the issue and your personal position concisely (not the position of a desired country’s delegation) on the topic (or the whole agenda);
  • State the actions that you propose on account of the resolution of the problem, being clear, concise and easily understood.

The following criteria will be used:

  • Effective discussion of background information;
  • Clear, concise statement of the issue and the candidate's position;
  • Statement of candidate's proposed action on the issue; and
  • Correct English usage (candidates are asked to mind their grammar and use the topical vocabulary related to the agenda).

NB. Please, avoid plagiarism as each essay is carefully checked on this subject.

May the Force be with you!