Guidelines for an essay

Honorable future delegates of the UNSC,

On behalf of the Security Council board I would like to thank you for taking interest in С-MIMUN 2018 and especially for choosing our committee to participate in.

Writing an essay is essential for participating in C-MIMUN. It is a chance to demonstrate your abilities, serious approach and responsibility. An essay should be composed in accordance with the following rules in order to facilitate your preparation and expert checking. Here are the main rules for writing an essay:

Preparation. Before writing an essay you should study the issue carefully. It is essential to read the main documents of the UN — especially the UN Charter. Besides, you should study the Expert Report on the agenda. We advice you to pay attention to the official UN website (, where you can find useful and relevant data.

Language. An essay is to be written in English, which is the working language of the Committee.

Length. The necessary length of an essay is 500–800 words.

Content. An essay should consist of clear statements of your own attitude towards the issue. Express your ideas clearly, try to be creative. Bear in mind that your suggestions are to make the work of the committee as constructive as possible. Besides, you should briefly specify the issue of your committee by giving the background on the agenda. What is the current situation in the world concerning this issue? What should be done in foreseeable future? It would be highly appreciated if you give a couple of specific suggestions concerning any aspect of the agenda. The main thing is to suggest measures that are possible to implement and that will resolve the issue.

Individuality. The essay is supposed to be a product of your own research and to express your point of view on the agenda. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Good luck!

Best regards,
Lika Tolmacheva