Guidelines for an essay (Security Council)

Honorable future delegates of the UNSC,
On behalf of the Security Council board I would like to thank you for taking interest in Moscow International Model United Nations and especially for choosing our body to participate in.
Our agenda is: «North Korean nuclear issue».

Writing an essay is essential for participating in MIMUN. As there only 15 representatives in the UNSC, your essay should definitely be of a high quality. Besides, you are to have a good understanding of the agenda and be able to introduce reforms to improve the situation. No doubt, you need some recommendations how to get well prepared and become a perfect delegate. And here are some rules to write an essay – you first step towards MIMUN!
Here are the main rules to write an essay:

  • The necessary length is 500 – 800 words.
  • It should be written in English – the working language of our committee.
  • The essay is supposed to be a product of your own research and to express your point of view on the agenda.

The essay should consist of:
A clear statement of your own attitude towards the issue.

Remember that it is NOT A POSITION PAPER! What should you do to succeed? 
First of all, study the issue carefully. It is essential and rather helpful to read the report on the agenda, paying special attention to the most important aspects. 
Secondly, remember that it is not necessary to follow the conventional viewpoints of experts or researches. 
Thirdly, while writing your essay, express your ideas clearly, try to be creative. Bear in mind that your suggestions are to make the work of the Committee as constructive as possible!

Short history of the problem.
In this part of your essay you should briefly specify the issue of your Committee by giving the background on the agenda. Try to answer the following questions: What is the situation in the world concerning this issue? What is the role of the UN? You may also mention basic principles and some particular aspects? Provide short research about the problem: How did it develop? In what ways does it influence the international community?

The UN actions that have been taken in this respect already.
What documents have been adopted so far by the corresponding UN organizations? Which conferences have been held? What is going to be done in future? Many types of documents are issued by the Security Council in its work on elimination of terrorism, but I urge you to study these Security Council Resolutions:
S/RES/1540 (2004), S/RES/1718 (2006), S/RES/1874 (2009), S/RES/2094 (2013), 
S/RES/2270 (2016).

Your own suggestions. Though you are not obliged to introduce reforms in your essay, it would be highly appreciated if you gave a couple of specific suggestions concerning any aspect of UN countering terrorism. The main thing is to suggest measures that are possible to implement and that will eliminate the problems.

Good luck!