Guidelines for the position statement

Honorable future delegates of the UNSC,

After being given a state or an international organization to represent, you have to write a position paper of your country or organization.

A Position Paper is a political statement in which delegates clarify their delegation's stance on the agenda. It should also suggest solutions that fall in line with their national stance, as well as with the international law and the UN Charter. In order to maintain effective and constructive work of the Committee, each delegate is to write his/her position paper and submit it to the Expert for checking.

In order to be well-prepared to work in the Committee, we recommend you:

1. To get acquainted with the brief history of the country/organization in the context of the agenda. We recommend you to study the previous resolutions or initiatives that your state/organization has supported. State which actions have been successful for your state/organization, and in what areas further improvement is needed. You are more than welcome to use statistics, official documents etc.

2. To study the current state of affairs regarding the topic within your state/organization’s policies. It should explain why your state/organization is a shining example, or needs assistance, or has made progress, or can help other countries/organizations etc.

3. In your Position Paper you are to recommend certain measures which should help to resolve the issue . These are also the measures your delegation would want to be mentioned in the final resolution of the UNSC.

Friendly reminders:

1. Your position paper should be written in a clear and logical way; 2. It should make at least 500 words. 3. Plagiarism is not acceptable.

Best regards,
Lika Tolmacheva

UNSC Expert