Guidelines for an essay

Honorable future delegates of the C-MIMUN 2018!

Writing an essay is an important stage of preparation and a great chance to demonstrate your skills and serious approach to the Model.

There are several requirements for the essay. We would like you to familiarize with them.

1) Preparation

Examine the Expert’s Report, basic documents including the UN Charter, all the materials related to the agenda. You can find most of the documents on the UN’s web site:

2) Language

The essay should be written in English – the working language of the committee. We ask you to use the proper language (mind your grammar and use the topical vocabulary related to the agenda).

3) The necessary length is 500 – 800 words.

4) The essay is supposed to be a product of your own research and to express your point of view on the agenda. Remember that it is not necessary to follow the conventional viewpoints of experts or researches.

While writing your essay, express your ideas clearly, try to be creative. Please, avoid plagiarism as each essay is carefully checked on this subject!

Good luck!

The Expert of 6GA
Tsydypova Balzhima