Guidelines for an essay

Honorable future delegates of C-MIMUN 2018!

Writing your essay is not only an important stage in preparing for Model United Nations, but also a great chance to demonstrate your unique skills and abilities.

The essay on the agenda should be prepared in accordance with the rules of writing as it would make easier both the process of writing of your essay and the subsequent process of its checking. We would like to draw your attention to the following recommendations:

1. Preparing. Before writing the essay you should first and foremost refer to the basic documents of the United Nations, particularly to the UN Charter. Also, you should be familiar with the content of other materials for the preparation. We strongly advise you to pay particular attention to the UN website (, where you can find a lot of useful information, dedicated to the agenda.

2. Language. The abstract should be written in the working language of the chosen Committee at Model United Nations 2018. Grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other rules of the English language should be followed.

3. The length of the essay. Approximately, your essay should include 500-800 words.

4. Content. The content of the essay is your vision of the issue that is on the agenda in the Committee: the essay should contain a brief overview of the current situation and a more detailed description of possible solutions to the problem. Your aim is not to focus on a single country or region, but to describe the objective reality that exists in the world. Moreover, you have to give your opinion concerning the agenda and the UN mechanisms, which can be applied in order to resolve the issue.

5. Format. Your work can be written either in the form of a standard essay, either in the form of abstracts that include the list of main points of your vision of the problem and their detailed explanations.

6. Plagiarism. Please, do remember, that the essay is your own vision of the problem and the result of your own research. All essays will be checked for plagiarism!

The country you would like to represent should be carefully chosen. If you want to be a representative of the most attractive one, to your mind, you need to hurry up, as other potential delegates can be also interested in it.

We wish you good luck!

Sincerely yours,
UNIDO Expert,
Liubov Tugolukova