Guidelines for a position statement

While preparing for the MIMUN Conference, it will be necessary for all representatives to submit a position paper on the agenda of the committee they aim to participate in during the Model.

What is a position paper?

A position paper is a political statement, which is supposed to reflect the official position of the assigned country or organization on the agenda.

The purpose of the paper is to stimulate the representatives to do a research and get acquainted with the official position of the assigned country or organization in order to adequately relay it to the other members of the conference.

Structure of a position paper

Introduction should contain info about the country or organization which is relevant to the agenda of the Food and Agricultural Organization;

While presenting the country’s or organization's position representatives should mention relevant policies that have been adopted in this country or organization and reasons for it. Therefore, it is necessary to look for official government or observer's actions and statements. Moreover, international or bilateral conventions are also crucially important as they indicate the view of the country or organization on the topic and that is why one should consider mentioning them;

After presentation of the country’s or observer's position the next goal of the representative is to recommend some steps that are to be made to address the issue at hand.  These steps will include the ideas, which according to the opinion of the representative should be mentioned in the final document of Food and Agricultural Organization;

The info that the representatives are going to include in their position paper should be based on reliable sources such as statistics, official documents etc.

Length and other requirements

  • Your paper should make at least 500 words;
  • Plagiarism is not acceptable. All works will be checked for plagiarisms;
  • The language should be simple and clear, yet in accordance with the diplomatic protocol;
  • Bibliography at the end of the work is necessary.

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations Expert,
Artem Shinkevich