Guidelines for an essay

Upon application, the prospective delegate is required to submit an essay on the agenda, where one should express his opinions and thoughts on the problem at hand. Writing an essay is the most vital part of application process, as it helps to determine one’s views and thus provide a more satisfying model UN experience.

Use the following instruction while writing your essay:

  1. Preparation. Study the issue carefully. It is essential to read the report on the agenda and some documents on the issue, paying special attention to the most important aspects. Also read the UN Charter and UN fundamental documents. Look through the UN official page ( where you can find the information about the structure of organization and data on the agenda.
  2. Language. Your essay should be written in English – the working language of the committee. No grammar, spelling, stylistic, factual or other mistakes are acceptable.
  3. Length. The necessary length is 500 – 800 words.
  4. Substance. Your essay should reflect your viewpoint on the agenda. Give a brief characteristic of the issue and suggestions how to resolve it as detailed as possible. Remember that your essay shouldn’t be connected just with one region like the position paper but describe the overall problem. Follow the logic structure of your essay.
  5. The essay is supposed to be a product of your own research and to express your point of view on the agenda so you must write it on your own. All essays will be checked for plagiarism

These are the key points which will help you to pass the registration successfully. Good luck!

 Sincerely yours,
 1 GA Bureau.