Guidelines for the position statement

Esteemed delegates/representatives of international organizations,

We would like to thank you for your interest in C-MIMUN 2018 and your commitment to our conference. It is our sincere hope that this Model will become a pleasant and valuable experience in Your MUN life.

A Position Paper is a political statement in which delegates clarify the committee topics, state the position of assigned countries, and suggest solutions that fall in line with their national stance. For the benefit of the MUN staff and, which is more important, in order to maintain effective and constructive work of the Committee, each delegate is to write his Position Paper and submit it to the expert for checking.

The main purposes of the PP are:

  1. to help you understand your nation’s/organization’s views and interests in terms of the agenda;
  2. to help you remember your state’s/organization’s views throughout the course of debate;
  3. to acquaint other member of the Committee with the official position of the assigned country/organization.

We would like to assure you that, as long as you’ve successfully written an essay, writing a Position Paper will not be of much trouble.

Structure of the position paper

The first paragraph should contain brief history of the country/organization given in regards to the topic on the agenda of the committee. It should refer to important treaties and past resolutions or initiatives that your state or your organization, respectively, has supported. State which actions have been successful for your nation/organization, and in what areas further improvement is needed. You are more than welcome to use provable facts such as statistics, official documents etc.

The second paragraph reflects the current state of affairs regarding the topic within your state’s/organization’s policies. It should explain why your state/organization is a shining example, or needs assistance, or has made progress, or can help other countries/organizations on this topic.

In the third paragraph you are to recommend some steps so that the issue to be effectively addressed. These steps will include the ideas, which according to the opinion of the representative should be mentioned in the final document of the ECOSOC.

At the conference, you may refer to the statements in your speeches and negotiate to have them included in draft resolutions.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Your position paper should be written in a clear and logical manner;
  2. The word count should lie within approx. 300-500 words;
  3. Plagiarism is not acceptable.

Yours sincerely,
Expert of the ECOSOC
Gera Suvorov

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