Frequently Asked Questions

Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations (CMIMUN) - where and when is it held?

CMIMUN is held annually at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO – University). The next conference will be held on April 15-20, 2018.

When is the deadline for registration?

There is no exact date for closing the registration. The Expert of each and every committee will close the registration as soon as he chooses all the delegates. Before closing the registration the Expert will announce it via facebook, vkontakte, web-page and twitter.

Who can apply for MIMUN 2018?

University and high school students from any country. To register each delegate should choose a committee, write an essay on the agenda and fill in the application form that is available at our website.

How many delegates may represent a country?

At CMIMUN each country is represented by one delegate in each committee.

Can teachers/professors participate in the conference?

Teachers/professors and other representatives of schools/universities may be the guests of CMIMUN. All they need is to send to a letter specifying their full name, the name of the school/organisation they represent and the purpose of participation. CMIMUN Guests are asked to pay the registration fee. They may attend all the events which are part of the CMIMUN programme under condition that they do not interfere with the work of the delegates when the committee is in session. Teachers/professors who accompany delegates at the Conference can receive the “Counsellor of Delegation” Certificate if they request it in advance.

How do I receive the confirmation of my registration?

Your application with the essay on the agenda will be evaluated by the Expert of your committee within 7 days. If your application and the essay meet the necessary requirements, you will be invited for the Skype-interview with the Expert. After you pass the interview the Expert will assign you a country, which you will represent during CMIMUN. The registration is completed after the participant pays the registration fee. 

What is the Skype-interview?

If your essay is accepted by the Expert your next registration step will be the Skype-interview. As well as the essay acceptance, the interview is obligatory for final candidate approval and for further country assignment. During the interview a candidate should show awareness of the agenda and the ability to analyze the information. Your language skills will also be evaluated during the interview.

When and why should I pay the registration fee?

The registration fee covers the expenses on the conference organization and some of the socials. Its payment is mandatory for your participation. After the Expert assigns you a country, you will be asked to transfer the registration fee to the CMIMUN’s bank account within 7 days after preliminary registration and send the receipt to your committee’s e-mail address in confirmation.

How can I receive an official invitation to СMIMUN?

If you need an official invitation, inform the Board of your committee about it and the invitation will be sent to you as soon as you pay the fee and your registration is completed.

Does the CMIMUN Secretariat provide visa-assistance?

Yes, the CMIMUN Secretariat provides full visa-assistance for the period of the Conference. Please, find more information here.

Are the participants provided with accommodation?

Though the participants are not provided with accommodation, the Secretariat is doing everything possible to help everyone find comfortable and affordable lodging for the dates of the Conference. Please, find more information here.

Are there any workshops for the participants?

Workshops for the CMIMUN participants take place in the morning the day preceding the Conference. Their programme is reviewed each year. Therefore, it’s better to arrive at СMIMUN 2018 on Saturday in order to attend the workshops the next morning. The full information on workshops 2018 will be published later.

Is there a dress code at CMIMUN?

At СMIMUN opening and closing ceremonies as well as at sessions formal style (formal suit and tie for gentlemen and business suit or high-necked dress for ladies) is obligatory. National costumes of the countries you represent are also welcomed. You’ll find the information on what to wear for socials in CMIMUN 2018 Programme.

Is it necessary to attend all the sessions?

Attending the sessions is obligatory. If a delegate has been absent at CMIMUN sessions without valid excuse, he/she will not be presented with the Certificate of participation.

Are the participants allowed to use laptops at the Conference?

Yes, but when the committee is in session the laptops cannot be used for the purposes other than resolution writing.

Who is in charge of conducting Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations?

CMIMUN is one of the United Nations Association – Russia programmes. It is conducted under the aegis of MGIMO-University. In practice the Conference is organized by the students, who form the CMIMUN Secretariat, which is renewed annually. The Secretariat is guided by the Honorary President of the World Federation of United Nations Association and CMIMUN Coordinator G.Kovrizhenko.

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CMIMUN Secretariat phone number: +7 (495) 229-54-01