Join the Secretariat: how to?

What is the Secretariat?

The Secretariat is a team of talented and active students who are engaged in preparing and conducting Churkin Moscow International Model UN and other MUNs at schools and universities of the city during the year.

Organizing a large international conference demands a lot of effort and a creative approach. But the Secretariat is not only about making CMIMUN. We participate in other conferences where we find new ideas for improving our Model. The vast majority of the Secretariat members have participated in more than a dozen MUNs in Russia and abroad.

The CMIMUN Secretariat is guided by the UNA-Russia Honorary President, the Head of the Student Academic Conferences Department of MGIMO, University and CMIMUN Coordinator Mr. Gregory M. Kovrizhenko.

Most members of the Secretariat are from CMGIMO, but students from other schools and universities are always welcome! The main criteria for joining the Secretariat are your creativity and desire to contribute to the organization of the largest international conference in MGIMO-University.

Why work in the Secretariat? 

If you ask any member of the Secretariat such a question, he or she will be somewhat puzzled. Why work? – Because it’s fun! My friends are there…

…but if speaking to the point:

1.    The Secretariat gives both freshmen and Master’s students an excellent opportunity to train in their specialization in such fields as journalism, analytics, jurisprudence, fundraising, PR and organizing cultural events.

2.    Working in the Secretariat helps one develop leadership and management skills and teaches to be responsible for one’s decisions.

3.    Since the Secretariat is preparing an international conference, its members have a chance to improve their command of foreign languages communicating with delegates from different countries and looking through reports of UN experts in the organ’s working languages.

4.    The Secretariat gives a unique experience of working in a large organization with all the rules of harsh reality and a strict, but flexible hierarchy.

5.    Besides, the Secretariat helps understand the goals of the UN, study the way it works, its history and structure.

How can I join the Secretariat?

If you have decided to apply, please fill in the application form and sign up for an interview by calling +7 (495) 229-53-99.

If you do not see any vacancies you would like to apply for but still want to join our team, contact the Secretariat. We will definitely find something you’ll like.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by