What is MUN?

Model UN is an Exciting Role-Play. 

University and high school students gather for five days working in a well-organized simulation of the UN organs. The participants of Model United Nations (MUN) include delegates, chairs, observers, and experts. All participants assume the role of official representatives of the UN members and international organizations, which have gathered at the UN Headquarters to discuss issues on the agenda of the respective committees. The goal of each committee is to adopt a resolution, which means participants must defend the position of the country they represent. 

1This exciting game allows one to try different roles from the world of big politicsand understand what it is like to be a representative of a sovereign country. Representatives must follow the rules of procedure and communicate according to diplomatic etiquette. While participation is more important than victory, there is the chance to win the title of Best Delegate. 

Model UN is a Sea of Opportunities

Model UN is a team. The individuals that make up the MUN team are bright and gifted people who are not afraid to defend their point of view and who are ready to share their ideas with the world. These types of people take part in the April conference.

Model UN is friendship.  The international MUN community unites ambitious young people from different countries with the desire to make the world a better place. At MUN one will make firm friendships that go beyond national and continental borders, languages and cultures, times and ages. During the year, participants work together enthusiastically to prepare for the spring conference. Socials are specially organized to promote teamwork and friendship within MUN. 


Model UN is a school. Model UN helps one discover a new world of ideas, views and impressions. At MUN, one is bound to develop speaking skills and overcome the fear of public speaking by taking part in first-class debates. Moreover, students can practice foreign languages with participants from all over the world. MUN presents unique opportunities for self-expression, while challenging and developing intellectual and creative capacities. It provides professional development that prepares students to manage time effectively and succeed in both academic and extra-curricular activities.

Model UN is life. Model UN offers a vivid life filled with interesting people and events. Model UN empowers participants with the feeling of being an important and unique part of the international community.