Security Council (SC)

The Security Council plays the most important role in the United Nations system of collective security as it is charged with maintenance of international peace. It is the only organ of the United Nations whose decisions are obligatory for all member-states of the organisation. The Security Council takes the lead in settling disputes, determining threats for international community and recommending appropriate procedures or methods of adjustment. In carrying out its responsibilities, the Security Council can resort to imposing sanctions or even authorise the use of force to restore international peace and security.


Only university students who have participated in at least 3 MUNs can become SC delegates!


Agenda: Crisis agenda

Esteemed delegates!


I feel privileged and honored to welcome you to C-MIMUN 2023 Security Council!

Our committee as a principal decision-making organ of the United Nations has always been a platform for heated debates and fierce disputes, yet its intensity continually fueled diplomatic artistry and helped generate most fascinating, prolific solutions for the troublesome international issues. Nowadays the architecture of international security is being transformed, new actors emerge and shape the world we live in, producing competition and conflict in the process. In such a time of great transformation and uncertainty, the world is in need of new ideas, that would spearhead us through current and potential crises, lead the people to a world more peaceful, balanced, just and secure. It awaits these solutions from the UN SC, and we can surely provide them. Yet to come up with such solutions, courage is required. Courage to look past the differences and avoid being blinded by prejudices, courage to stand up for those who need it, courage to look for common points and engage in comprehensive dialogue to base true peace on it.

So be courageous, daring, and adventurous. Do not balk before the problems, face them guns blazing. Devise new ideas, concepts, and approaches, do not hesitate to dispatch all your creativity, and express yourself.

And while this might sound challenging, let me assure you that C-MIMUN does not encumber the delegates solely with difficult assignments and responsibilities, but gives opportunities for personal development, meeting new people, and just simply having fun in the most captivating way possible.

On my part as a President of the Security Council, I will do my very best to provide you with any assistance necessary and ensure you have a pleasant time at C-MIMUN 2023.

Looking forward to seeing you at the debates!


Best regards,

President of the Security Council

Fedor Kalashnikov

Honorable delegates!


It is a pleasure for me to be your Vice-President for this version of C-MIMUN’s Security Council.

We are indeed living through very complex and yet interesting times with a wide range of geopolitical issues present in the global agenda; it is certain that plenty of situations in different parts of the world continue to threaten international security as various conflicts emerge between a large number of state and non-state actors. Nevertheless, the Security Council has seen various moments with diverse degrees of difficulty through its long history, being able to figure out solutions that satisfy important global actors during the most critical issues of humanity’s recent history.

The emergence of new global and regional powers which seek for a change in the post-cold war world order, as well as the worsening of already existing problems in the peripheral regions of our world are now among the most likely issues that we will discuss during the course of our MUN. Those will be six days in which we all will negotiate and figure out how to bring security and peace to the international stage. I believe in your talented skills and intuition for drafting a high-quality viable resolution.

I am fully aware that we will be facing a big challenge for the days of the model, yet I want to assure you all that I will give the best out of me for making this C-MIMUN an unforgettable and grateful experience. Your effort will give outstanding results.


Kind regards,

Vice-President of the Security Council

Daniel Alejandro Ariza Rodriguez

Honorable delegates,



I’m immensely gratified to welcome you to C-MIMUN 2023 and to be your expert at the Security Council. 


The role of our committee in world politics can hardly be overestimated. The Security Council exercises the supreme mission of maintaining international peace and security by ensuring prompt and effective action on behalf of the United Nations. Its work is of paramount importance to guarantee that international law is abided by, especially now that we’re facing an increase in the number and destructiveness of military conflicts with structural changes in the world order looming large.


I’m sure that you’ll truly enjoy trying on the role of professional negotiators and endeavouring to solve a mounting crisis. I wish all delegates good luck with the interviews and look forward to seeing you at the sessions of the Security Council. 


Sincerely yours,

Victoria Shurupova

Security Council Expert

Distinguished future delegates of the Security Council!

Submitting your application for the position in the Security Council encompasses writing an essay on one of the following topics:


  1. Countries never elected members of the Security Council (choose any country which has never been elected as a member of the SC since 1946 and enlist at least 3 ways in which its election can contribute to the effectiveness of the SC);
  2. Current peacekeeping operations (choose any peacekeeping operation currently led by the UN and establish a list of concrete actions yet to be undertaken, including the forecast on the extent to which the operation will be a success)

While writing your essay, please do follow the guidelines:
— Write from your individual perspective as you are not yet given the certain country to represent;
— Follow the simple structure of introduction-main body-conclusion;
— Respect the word limit 500-1000;
— Use formal style only and appeal to credible sources (such as the UN documents);
— Essays should be coherent and concise: do not digress from the topic;
— The essay should be an original work, therefore, plagiarism (more than 20%) is unacceptable;

Honorable delegates and observers!

This page contains a set of recommendations for writing a successful Position Paper.

Position Paper is, first and foremost, a policy statement where you are to clarify the key problems pertaining to the agenda: state the position of your country/organization, as well as put forward viable solutions to the problem.

As far as the Security Council adopts a crisis agenda, you are not yet aware of the exact issue to be dealt with. Therefore, as the future representative of a state or an organization, your task is to express its attitude to any problem, i.e. write a position paper that will help others understand your country’s/organization’s views and interests in general.

Creating a position paper might seem complicated for first time MUNers, but do not lose heart. If you apply enough effort, you are sure to write a successful position paper.


1. A position paper is generally one to two pages long;

2. A well-written position paper comprises three parts:

  • Country’s stance on the topic (show your country’s unique understanding of the agenda),
  • Country’s relation to the topic (indicate your country’s previous relation to the topic with relevant examples),
  • Suggestions of policies to pass in a resolution (put forward some ideas which are essential to state in the resolution based on your country’s interests);

3. Try to describe your country’s attitude towards the crisis, rather than the crisis itself;
4. Instead of using the pronoun “I” while writing your position paper, opt for phrases such as “Our Government/The Delegation of …/We”;
5. Do NOT use Wikipedia, you have to dig deeper than that;
6. Stick to a formal style;

Supplementary hints:
— While enlisting a set of policy suggestions avoid obvious actions. Put forward concrete steps and be concise;
— The more solutions you have, the easier it will be for you to move amidst the problem areas and to reach an agreement with your fellow delegates;
— The ideas you offer should be in line with the policy of your country, not against;
— Do not stress out over writing the best ever position paper. We highly appreciate your effort and commitment.

We are looking forward to seeing you at C-MIMUN!

To be announced

#Country list:Representative:
1AlbaniaMaria Rozhdestvenskaya
2BrazilPolina Slepukhina
3ChinaMaxim Krivonosov
4EcuadorLyubov Bukareva
5FranceGleb Ivanov
6GabonDaniel Etrin
7GhanaGrant Beglarian
8JapanAntonina Zvereva
9MaltaAlexandra Kurnakova
10MozambiqueKseniia Trushcheleva
11Russian FederationAnna Baranova
13United Arab Emirates
14United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandLavr Tsvetkov
15United States of AmericaIsmoilbek Sarmusokov
1Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization
2European UnionPolina Ambartsumova
3International Committee of the Red CrossGleb Ivanov
4League of Arab StatesYannick Matondo