Frequently asked questions

Where and when is Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations held?

Moscow International Model United Nations is held every year at MGIMO-University (76, Prospect Vernadskogo Moscow, Russia, 119454). In 2024 it will take place on April 14-19.


When does the registration close?

Registration ends on March 31 at 23:59 (Moscow time).

Who can participate in C-MIMUN?

University and high school students can participate in the Model UN. There are no age limits for participation.

How many delegates may represent each country in a committee?

Each country is represented by just one delegate in each committee.

Can teachers/professors and parents of the participants attend the conference?

Parents of underage participants and teachers/professors can register as a delegation counsellor. Counsellors are permitted to attend all the meetings but are not allowed to take the floor or communicate with participants during sessions. Counsellors are also required to pay the registration fee and receive all the materials.

Who can attend C-MIMUN as a guest?

Anyone who is not eligible for any other position but can motivate their professional interest in C-MIMUN in their application can be a guest.

How are the participants selected?

The selection process has two stages:

  1. Filling in the application on the C-MIMUN webpage. The application form includes an essay on the agenda of the chosen committee written in its working language. The essay is checked by the expert. If they are not satisfied with the essay, the applicant gets a chance to introduce changes. If the expert finds the essay satisfactory, the applicant proceeds to the second stage of the selection process.
  2. Video interview. The expert gets in touch with the applicant at the appointed time and quizzes the applicant on the UN structure and the committee agenda. If the first attempt is not successful, the applicant may have a second try. If the interview goes well, the applicant is assigned a country or an organisation they are to represent.

Within 7 days of the country/organisation assignment one is required to pay the registration fee. Within three weeks, one is to send the position statement of the represented country/organisation to the expert.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is a sum of money a delegate must transfer to the United Nations Association of Russia bank account to confirm participation. You can find more information about the fee and payment regulations here.

How does one get an excused absence document for the time period of the Model?

To get an excused absence document one has to contact the expert and fill in the necessary information in the form.

What kind of visa assistance is provided to the foreign participants?

C-MIMUN Secretariat cooperates with the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
Hence, foreign participants are given individual TELEX-numbers allowing them to apply for a visa under a simplified and expeditious procedure. For more information concerning assistance to foreign participants contact

Are the participants provided with accommodation during the conference?

C-MIMUN does not provide free accommodation options, but does offer a wide accommodation choice in close proximity to MGIMO at affordable prices. For detailed information contact

When will the MUN programme be available?

The programme is usually adopted several weeks before the conference, but the general plan remains the same each year. Accordingly, participants’ registration and special trainings as well as tours around Moscow take place on Sunday. On Monday morning, the registration closes, the opening ceremony is held and sessions start. Cultural activities are held every evening. Sessions conclude on Friday morning, and then the closing ceremony takes place.

What is included in the cultural programme?

C-MIMUN annually organises a rich cultural programme including tours around Moscow, ‘Global Village’ national cultures festival, meeting with a public figure, C-MIMUN traditional ball and other events. Participation in most of them is free. Keep in mind that tours around Moscow require pre-registration as the number of people in a group is limited.

Is there a dress code for the MUN?

A smart outfit is preferable for sessions. A dress code for the cultural programme events will be announced.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

Attending sessions is a must for the MUN participants. The delegates who miss a session without having a compelling reason, will not receive the certificate.

May I use my personal computer during the MUN?

Using computers is allowed but only for work purposes.

Who organises the Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations?

C-MIMUN is organised by the Secretariat – students of the leading Moscow universities with the support of the UNA Russia, MGIMO University as well as the Presidential Grants Foundation and the MGIMO Development Foundation.

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