Information for participants

The registration fee goes exclusively to cover conference and cultural programme organisation costs. The payment is mandatory for everybody who wants to participate in the MUN.
The C-MIMUN 2023 registration fee is as follows:

  • 1000 rubles for Russian citizens
  • 50 USD for CIS citizens
  • 75 USD for citizens of other countries
  • MGIMO students, Secretariat members and C-MIMUN ambassadors are exempted from paying the registration fee.


Within a week after the Expert has appointed you a country, it’s necessary to transfer the registration fee to the C-MIMUN account and send the receipt to the Expert of your committee to confirm the remittance. Payment details will be sent via e-mail alongside with your country allocation.

The participants who live outside the Russian Federation can pay the registration fee on the day of registration.

The fee is paid in rubles in accordance with the Central Bank of Russia rate for the day before the registration.
The final confirmation of your participation will be out only after you have paid the registration fee. If it isn’t paid within 7 days, the Expert has the right to nullify the application of the participant. In this case the participant has to resubmit it.

Dear delegates!

It’s no secret that the UN Model is a truly exciting event that will entice you so much that you will have the desire to work in your Committee all night long. But unfortunately, MGIMO has working hours of its own, so the participants’ accommodation team is ready to do their best to help you find a comfortable place to stay during the MUN.

In this brochure we have collected the most suitable, in our opinion, accommodation options for the participants of the Churkin Model UN 2023.

NB! We do not provide delegates with free accommodation options.


If you have any questions, you can contact the accommodation team via e-mail:, specify ‘accommodation Question’ in the subject line.

Citizens from these foreign states or people, who have a resident card in these states, can enter the Russian Federation through air checkpoints (Updated: September 2022)

  1. Abkhazia
  2. Argentina
  3. Armenia
  4. Austria
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Bahrain
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Belarus
  9. Belgium
  10. Brazil
  11. Bulgaria
  12. China
  13. Costa Rica
  14. Croatia
  15. Cuba
  16. Cyprus
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Denmark
  19. Djibouti
  20. Dominican Republic
  21. Egypt
  22. Ethiopia
  23. Finland
  24. France
  25. Germany
  26. Great Britain
  27. Greece
  28. Hungary
  29. Iceland
  30. India
  31. Iraq
  32. Ireland
  33. Italy
  34. Japan
  35. Jordan
  36. Kazakhstan
  37. Kenya
  38. Kyrgyzstan
  39. Lebanon
  40. Liechtenstein
  41. Luxembourg
  42. North Macedonia
  43. Maldives
  44. Malta
  45. Mauritius
  46. Mexico
  47. Moldova
  48. Mongolia
  49. Morocco
  50. New Zealand
  51. Peru
  52. Portugal
  53. Qatar
  54. Republic of Korea
  55. Saudi Arabia
  56. Serbia
  57. Seychelles
  58. Singapore
  59. Slovakia
  60. South Africa
  61. South Ossetia
  62. Spain
  63. Sri Lanka
  64. Switzerland
  65. Syria
  66. Tajikistan
  67. Tanzania
  68. Tunisia
  69. Turkey
  70. United Arab Emirates
  71. USA
  72. Uzbekistan
  73. Venezuela
  74. Vietnam

Besides (if you have Russian citizenship)

  1. Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic